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Business Information

  • Category: Catering/Snack Kiosk
  • Location: Batam, Indonesia - DC Mall
  • Business Established: 01 January, 2024
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About Chou Ppang

Chou-bung is a pastry cream filling for bungeo-ppang, a popular Korean fish-shaped pastry. The name "bungeo-ppang" translates to "carp bread" and comes from the fish-like shape, although the snack doesn't contain fish. Bungeo-ppang is made from a pancake-like batter and can be filled with a variety of sweet fillings. The standard filling is red bean paste, but other fillings include sweet potato, pizza toppings, chocolate, and kimchi. Bungeo-ppang is often sold as street food, especially in the winter. The dough is thick and crisp, and the red bean filling is not visible from the outside.