Choki Camilan

Craving bold bites? Need to snack now? we're your Southeast Asian street food escape! Dive into crispy spring rolls from Bangkok, slurp spicy curries from Malaysia, or sweeten up with Korean Bungeo-ppang. Each kiosk, a flavor fiesta. Fresh, fast, vibrant - join the party!

SNACK! It's as simple as that.


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Discover our Outlets

Hungry for adventure? Our flavor caravan keeps rolling! Right now, you can find our sweet Bungeo-ppang/Taiyaki Terlaris at our Chou Ppang outlet in DC Mall, Batam. But hold your chopsticks, we're not stopping there! Get ready to welcome more delicious snacks to the party soon, bringing you even more delicious options. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media for opening dates and tempting launch offers. We can't wait to serve you!


Bungeo-Ppang/Taiyaki Terlaris

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Meet our Team

Forget fancy chefs and culinary symphonies. This is a real crew, knees deep in batter and elbows bumping in the kitchen. Together, we're building a food empire, one flavor-bomb kiosk at a time. Fresh ingredients, bold tastes, happy customers - that's the secret sauce. No magic, just pure passion and a shared love for good food. Get ready to bite into our story!

Farida Octavianti

Business Owner

Stewart Deary

Pro Bono Engagement

Team Expanding

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Team Expanding

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